Wing Tsun Kuen

Wing Tsun Kuen

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This book is considered the "Wing Tsun Bible". In 400 detailed pages we find the history of Wing Tsun, the structures of the Ewto organization, the unarmed forms of Wing Tsun Siu Nim Tau, Cham Kiu, Biu - Tze and Muk Yan Chong.
Next, the book provides an introduction to the two forms of weapons:
- Wing Tsun Luk Dim Boon Kwun, the long pole technique
- Bart Cham Dao, the double blade techniques.

In this issue you will find Wing Tsun principles as well as application examples and training tips.
This book is a must for WingTsun students and any martial arts enthusiast.

English language. 400 pages bound. Warning! The cover may vary based on reprints and updates of the ewto.

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