Inner Wing Tsun - Course Buch Deluxe

Inner Wing Tsun - Course Buch Deluxe

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The new book by Grandmaster Kernspecht (in English! Deluxe hardcover version)

This book is meant to describe WingTsun and explain it in its internal style form. In over half a century of scientific study and daily practice Grandmaster Kernspecht has explored the martial art of Wing Tsun. The only way WingTsun could transform was to be able to transmit the essential skills for self-defense quickly and sustainably and focus on its ability to be efficient as a fight but with minimal effort.

In this book he will also address the following topics:
- What exercises are necessary learning steps
- How learning should be classified
- What is important
- Where the development of our WingTsun is heading
- ChiSao: "ReakTsun", "routine"
- The Difference Between Martial Arts & Real Self-Defense
- External & internal Wing Tsun

Flexible spiral, 143-page compact scope - a handy workbook that fits into your gym bag.

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