Die essenz des Wing Tsun

Die essenz des Wing Tsun

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The essence of Wing Tsun (only in German currently) is a pillar book of Wing Tsun theory according to Grand Master Keith R. Kernspecht.
Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht, a university professor, is the first non-Chinese who could master this "intelligent" self-defense system. In 2000 he received from his Chinese master, who had personally learned from the legendary Yip Man, the highest gard of Wing Tsun, which he now shares with his teacher.

The book summarizes the evolution of our WingTsun, explains its techniques and concepts and the differences from its close relatives such as Grandmaster Yip Man.

He teaches the concept of "dead" techniques, the "Big Seven Skills" (mindfulness, agility, balance, unity of the body, season of the senses, distance and timing and fighting spirit). and the four ways to use his strength against the enemy.

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